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Coach Profile- Building Championship Catchers

Creating Your NLCA Profile

Welcome to NLCA's Coach's Program

We are excited for this new opportunity to help coaches develop a solid knowledge base for teaching and developing catchers.  If you or one of your staff member do not have true catching experience or. you want to grow your depth of knowledge and ability to develop catchers,  we welcome you to create this Coach's Profile and join our network of coaches.  


Our training program for catchers has been highly effective as our organization has been hosting catching training events for over ten years.  We have literally coached thousands of catchers during that time, focusing mostly on a the  college-prospect.  Hundreds of our catchers have moved on to play small college, major college, and into the professional ranks.  We are taking all the best teaching tips of our training, consolidating them all in one place and giving you access to learn from and teach your catchers.  


Over the years we have recieved excellent feedback from coaches and catchers on our YouTube channel as we covered many of our previous training sessions.  Much of that content is still available on our YouTube  channel,  but we  have continued to grow our curriculum and we have so much more to share with you via the MaxOne app.   As great as some of the YouTube information may be, we have designed workout plans that are organized and shaped to complement quick and effective skill acquisition.  Subscribing to this coaching program is as simple as filling out this form, downloading   the MaxOne app  on your phone and following the instructions on the follow up email to this form. 


Fill out this free Coaches Profile to join our network.  The creation of this profile is also a great way for us to  learn more about your needs and priorities in training the catchers in your program.  It will not bind either party into any kind of commitment, but it will add you to our list of coaches and allow you to receive announcements as each of our MaxOne app training seasons starts.  We will also send out charts to track your catchers and will send you monthly tips for coaching your catchers. 


Training the three major skills, arm-care, flexibility routines, practice-plans, build your own pre-game routines are all here for you to adjust and fit to your needs.   The online catching curriculum we have developed on the MaxOne app puts all of this in one place and is efficient to follow.   We will not share your information elsewhere and we will only send out a few emails leading up to the start of our coaching sessions, which will be towards the end of September, December, and March.  As a college or high school coach I know your time is limited, we want to help and we guarantee this training will maximize your practice planning and help you develop as a catching coach as you follow the curriculum with your catchers.  


We look forward to serving you and your program in the months to come! 



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